PureOvum Egg Collective | Fresh-Cycle Egg Donor Program
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What Sets PureOvum Apart?

Quite frequently, a company’s mission statement isn’t obvious or clear and it goes unnoticed. By contrast, what sets us apart is front and center. It’s a focal point. It’s the very reason why PureOvum exists — We listened to the needs of egg donors and intended parents and formed our collection based on those requirements. Shifting an industry back to its purpose… you.

We work with individuals from all over the globe and strive to understand their culture and needs. We know that our donor egg services are only as meaningful as the individuals and talent behind them. We place high value on developing enduring and mutually successful relationships with our intended parents and donors.

Accelerating Game-Changing Advancements in Egg Collective Services

1) Medically Screened Donors:

All egg donors complete medical screening prior to a donor cycle, and with PureOvum, you are ahead of the game! Many egg donor agencies present donors to intended parents that have been accepted into their program based on donor profile only. With PureOvum, all donors are screened (or are actively completing their screening) including two medical tests: AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) tests indicating high egg quantity and Genetic Carrier Screening giving intended parent's information about the donor's genetic carrier status, and if any genetic carrier screening will be needed for partner or sperm source (to ensure no genetic carrier overlap between egg and sperm).

2) Streamlined Next-Gen Portal:

As part of our commitment to revolutionizing the egg donation industry, we have modernized the process. We have simplified the process with all documents, messages, and forms on an easy-to-use, sleek portal for both intended parents and donors.

3) Assessment of Previous Donations:

We aren’t just thinking about the now. Most egg donor agencies accept any donor who has completed a previous cycle. PureOvum will complete a full assessment of any previous medical records and confirm that the donor's previous donations meet our strict criteria.

4) Experience Transfers Knowledge:

Our PureOvum coordinators are an important element of our uniqueness. Each one of our coordinators hold a unique view of both the agency and clinical views of the egg donation process. This gives intended parents a complete overview of the process and assistance each step of the way. From passion to commitment and experience, our team quickly establishes trust and rapport. And with experience comes a greater model for success. A coordinated, egg collective program that makes finding a donor simpler and less demanding.

Would you like to speak to a PureCoordinator?

Our Story

PureOvum Egg Collective — it all started with a vision to create an intimate donor egg experience that celebrated women selflessly giving of themselves to enrich the lives of those struggling with infertility. Our vision reflects in our passions and provide opportunities to share fertility knowledge, create families, and lifelong memories.

Revel in the harmony of thoughtfully considered details — coupled with expertly crafted protocols by world-renowned doctors, all while you embark on the journey to parenthood.

At PureOvum Egg Collective, we understand that every journey has a purpose, and every individual pursuing parenthood should have an opportunity to revitalize and make the next day more successful than the one before. After all, you never gave up. And neither do we.

Welcome to the leading egg donor program, PureOvum. A collective with HEART.

Our Doctors

The best detectives don’t wear trench coats. They wear white coats. Welcome to PureOvum Egg Donor Collective — the next-generation egg donor agency featuring the brightest doctors solving the world’s most perplexing medical conundrum — infertility.

Rivaled by 40 years of combined experience, our fertility physicians are committed to enriching the lives of intended parents — and doing so by addressing today’s most pressing medical issues that continue to impair one’s ability to become pregnant.

Meet the fertility specialists who are pushing the potential of science, reproductive medicine, and giving intended parents hope.