Egg Donation Program - PureOvum Egg Donor Collective
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Egg Donation Program

Egg Donation Program

Every intended parent that comes to us will gain a comprehensive understanding of  how our egg donation program works and why more and more intended parents (egg donor recipients) trust in the PureOvum collective.

Operating in both California and Wisconsin, we are the next-generation egg donor agency offering a fresh-cycle egg donor program to recipients. To us, becoming a parent is not defined by the path you take to get there, it is defined by our combined participation and the experiences collected along the way.

With multiple locations in the United States—  our program creates greater access for egg donors and a more generous collection of quality applicants for intended parents.

From immediate egg donor matching to the egg retrieval, it is imperative for intended parents to feel safe and secure. To have their questions answered, and begin to acknowledge there is hope in the most dire of situations.  At PureOvum, its our goal to help you write the next chapter of your life titled; Parenthood.

The Need for Egg Donation Treatment

Egg donation is not an option that individuals or couples make because it’s comfortable or convenient. Many intended parents generally have either exhausted alternative fertility options or are not able to conceive at all for medical reasons.

Each patient seeking an egg donor has a unique story, filled with a plethora of variables. Typically when speaking to a woman who has undergone fertility care, it’s like speaking to an actual physician. By the time she’s reached the egg donor process she’s mastered and already taught herself the ins and outs of medical names, medications, and developed her own hypothesis of her bodies condition and how it got to this point.

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), women over 40 have a less than 5 percent chance of conceiving naturally each month, compared with the 20 percent chance per month that fertile women in their 30s experience.

With the help of donor eggs, intended parents have the highest pregnancy and delivery rates of any fertility treatment, while still allowing the intended mother to carry a child.

PureOvum was created to inspire intended parents to explore further. We never want you to look down upon or feel like egg donation is the ‘other option’ for becoming a parent.

The journey to parenthood never comes easy — and very rarely comes without difficult decisions to make. With the PureOvum team, choosing your ideal egg donor is a process where we strive to fulfill your every need and desire. Our goal is to ensure the process is transparent and exciting from day one.

Next-Generation Egg Donation Program

Our contemporary egg donor collective, PureOvum, continues to progress a program that is at the forefront of advances in egg donation technology. Currently, we offer a dynamic fresh-cycle program.

The program not only meets — but exceeds the highest standards and criteria set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

PureOvum is one of the few agencies in the United States that medically and genetically pre-screens donors who are ready to cycle and donate.

With more than 30 years of collective experience by our Southern California’s top fertility specialists — and diverse, ready-to-cycle egg donors accessible to intended parents, PureOvum, is on track to become the most pursued program in the world.

Candidates for the PureOvum Egg Donation Program

Our all-female PureOvum egg donor agency is backed by an all-female physician-driven fertility clinic that has witnessed first hand the turmoil intended parents have faced along their fertility journey. We see how patients can feel that their body, and by association, themselves, have failed themselves. When this really isnt the case.

This grief is a remarkably common experience. One in eight American couples will have trouble getting pregnant or carrying a baby to term — owed to everything from delayed parenthood to hormonal disorders and endometriosis.

According to RESOLVE, the primary indication for egg donation was initially for women with premature ovarian failure (POF), defined as menopause occurring before the age of 40. POF affects approximately 1 percent of the female population; in effect, this condition reveals the depletion of a woman’s eggs and cessation of ovarian function.

Individuals seek the leading local and international egg donor program located in Southern California for a variety of different reasons. Some of our clients’ have experienced previously failed, multiple IVF attempts or ovarian reserves have diminished with age — while others have fertility issues due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), just to name a few.

Some female patients may have undergone fertility-limiting cancer treatments or have genetic disorders that they don’t wish to pass on to their children. Donor eggs also allow single men and LGBTQ+ couples to build their families through egg donation and surrogacy.

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How to Get Started: PureOvum Program

couple searching for egg donors

Step 1 – Register for the PureOvum Database and Complete Profile

To begin, you will need to register for the PureOvum database. IPs do not need to complete a consult prior to registering. Completing your intended parent profile to assist in the selection of your egg donor is perhaps the most significant and meaningful steps of the PureOvum egg donor program.

Pure Coordinator

Step 2 – Schedule Your Consultation with a PureCoordinator

This step of the process is to make sure that you understand what it takes to become a parent through egg donation, how the egg donation process works and to determine what your specific needs are before the process begins.
Our PureCoordinator will thoroughly discuss your options with egg donation, give you insights on the selfless and wonderful women who choose to donate their eggs at PureOvum and what to expect as you take the next step on your journey to parenthood.

beautiful young girls

Step 3 – Select Egg Donor

Our PureOvum team will help you distinguish and select which of our egg donors is the right match for you. Our program consists of the most comprehensive egg donor database in California — with access to elite women that are radiating with creativity, intelligence — and implement an anthology of cultural and ethnic diversity. Once you select your ideal donor, our coordinator will reach you to discuss how to confirm your donor match (which includes signing our retainer and agency fees).

pureovum consult

Step 5 – Donor's Cycle

Now that you have been matched with your egg donor (medical and genetic screening completed; documents completed), your IVF clinic will coordinate cycle dates and details with your donor. You will be working directly with your IVF clinic throughout the donor's cycle.

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Will You Take Exceptional Care of Our Egg Donor?

PureOvum egg donors are treated with the utmost respect from day 1. Medically, donors are continuously monitored and required to complete pre and post-retrieval checkups to ensure each donor in the PureOvum program is preparing and recovering properly from both the ovarian stimulation and retrieval. Our fertility team closely monitors the donor’s progress at every stage of the process.

Fresh vs. Frozen Egg Donor Treatment

Fresh-cycle donation is the focal point of the PureOvum program in Southern California. What are the benefits of fresh-cycle egg donation?

  • Fresh-cycle donation delivers higher success rates.
  • In a fresh donor cycle, you receive all eggs retrieved, which in turn generates a higher number of embryos.
  • Higher chance of being able to have biological siblings with a fresh egg donor cycle.

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