5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Egg Donor | PureOvum
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5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Egg Donor

Group of women who are egg donors

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Egg Donor

If you are struggling to conceive, you understand it is one of the most challenging things a couple can go through. Wanting a child and being unable to have one is distressing — and fertility tests and assisted reproduction procedures can be expensive.

Sometimes, intended parents determine they are unable to conceive and in vitro fertilization (IVF) with egg donation is their only option. For singles or same-sex couples, an egg donor is also utilized to reach parenthood.

An egg donor provides the eggs that will later be fertilized with male partner sperm and implanted in the female partner’s uterus (or sometime using a surrogate mother). Choosing an egg donor is a vital part of the process. Understanding the process and choosing the best egg donor can be a difficult procedure. Let’s take a look at five things to consider when you select an egg donor.

1. Has your egg donor been successful before?

One of the most important factors you’ll want to consider when reviewing profiles is the history of the egg donor. This helps to determine how likely you’ll be to get pregnant using one of their eggs. Check if the donor has children of their own and, if so, how many. If it isn’t displayed on their profile, ask the egg donor agency you are working with if the donor’s eggs have resulted in any successful pregnancies.

2. What’s Available: Frozen Donors eggs vs. Fresh Donor eggs

If you have decided to pursue IVF with egg donation, you must determine if you want to use fresh or frozen eggs. If you want a larger number of eggs for a larger potential family, fresh eggs may be a better option. To have high-quality good grade embryos are is a primary aim of IVF with an egg donor. Operating in California and Wisconsin, PureOvum is the next-generation egg donor agency offering a fresh-cycle egg donor program to recipients.

3. What is Important to You Regarding Physical Attributes of the Egg Donor?

For some people, it may be significant that their child is of the same physical attributes as they are. Do you want a donor who has the same physical appearance as you or your partner so that your child has a better chance of resembling you? Or is it greater significance for you to have a donor with a wonderful personality and medical background? When reviewing profiles, choose an egg donor who fits your preference in physical appearance.

4. What is Donors Medical History?

All PureOvum donors are prescreened and potential egg donors with a significant family history are automatically eliminated. However, no one’s family medical history is completely clear, and donors are not exempt from this. The key is to find a donor who does not have the same illnesses or conditions that the recipients have. If the donor’s family has a history of elevated blood pressure, and the recipients do as well, that might not be the best match.

5. Why is Ethnicity Important in Egg Donations?

It is entirely acceptable when intended parents want their children to share their ethnicity. Because of certain traditions and cultures, choose a donor that fits your specific ethnicities and religious backgrounds.

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