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Understanding Egg Donation Costs

Understanding Egg Donation Costs

The most prominent and transparent egg donor collective in California, PureOvum, invites those considering egg donor treatment to learn more about egg donation costs — the merited costs that factor into making a successful IVF with egg donation journey at PureOvum — and the benefits of choosing our cost-effective, fresh-cycle donor egg program.

Probably the least favorite subject — coincidentally — heavy on the minds of intended parents is the cost of egg donation. We understand many individuals and couples are often reluctant to talk about the costs, which can create anxiety, confusion, and insecurity. That anxiety can be heightened by a feeling of not knowing IF you can afford IVF using egg donation.

Southern California’s top egg donor collective has unveiled a valuable, cost-effective program that will leave a large imprint on the world. Experience family building in a whole new way through the expertise of our PureOvum team — whose passion for family has been cultivated throughout our program.

Let’s Break Down the Egg Donation Cost

Fertility treatment alone can be financially, physically and emotionally strenuous. Add in the cost of egg donation — it can expose you to an unjustified component of stress and pressure.

  • Are medications included in the cost of egg donation?
  • Do you provide counseling and what is the cost?
  • What is egg donor compensation?
  • Will insurance reimburse for any of our IVF/egg donation costs?

The total out of pocket expenses to become a parent via egg donation cycle in the United States can vary greatly. While every case is unique, we consider our fees to be highly competitive.

PureOvum Fresh Egg Donor Cycle Breakdown

A PureOvum coordinator will review all fees associated with your donor in detail before you confirm your match. Your donor cycle may include the following fees:

  • PureOvum Agency Fee
  • Egg Donor Guarantee Fee
  • Egg Donor Fertility Screening
  • Egg Donor Psychological Screening Fees
  • Egg Donor Genetic History Evaluation
  • Egg Donor Compensation – Determined by Donor
  • Egg Donor Cycle Insurance
  • Travel and Hotel Expenses
  • Egg Donor Background Check
  • Intended Parent Attorney Fee
  • Egg Donor Attorney Fee
  • Trust Management Fee

*items are subject to change and vary case to case

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How Do you Determine Egg Donor Compensation?

According to the ASRM Ethics Committee, financial compensation of women donating eggs for infertility is justified on ethical grounds and should acknowledge the time, inconvenience, and discomfort associated with screening, ovarian stimulation, and oocyte retrieval — and not vary according to the planned use of the eggs, the number or quality of eggs retrieved, the number or outcome of prior donation cycles, or the donor’s ethnic or other personal characteristics.

PureOvum egg donor compensation is set by the egg donor. Estimated reimbursement for our egg donors vary depending on experience, travel, misc. expenses and requirements.

Why Choose Egg Donation at PureOvum?

Beyond the egg donation cost benefits of the PureOvum program in Southern California, intended parents can find prescreened egg donors who are ready to donate — without the wait. Intended parents repeatedly recommend the PureOvum program not only for the opportunity to be matched with experienced, highly demanded donors but also because they want their egg donor to be recruited, assessed, monitored and treated by the same team of fertility experts.

Backed by over 30 years of combined fertility experience, Physician-owned PureOvum was designed specifically with you in mind. Our prominent egg donation collective offers the largest and most ethnically, culturally, and physically diverse group of carefully selected egg donors across the globe.

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