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Lack of minority egg donors may depend on region and race

Lack of minority egg donors may depend on region and race

Obstacles to egg donation can vary depending on race and location. Finding a donor that matches your ethnicity may prove difficult, especially if you live in certain areas.

Rohnda Spencer and her husband Jamal had always wanted to start a family, but after struggling with infertility, they found out they needed an egg donor. They searched for a Black donor, but were unable to find one in their area of West Michigan, leaving Rohnda feeling heartbroken.

Fertility clinics in San Diego say they have enough Black egg donors, but they also acknowledge that it can be challenging to find donors from other ethnicities such as Asian, Indian, or Jewish in their region, which may be due to cultural factors.

Founder of Fertility of Colored Girls, Rev. Dr. Stacey Edwards-Dunn, believes that cultural reasons also contribute to the shortage of Black egg donors in regions like the Upper Midwest, where Rhonda lives. Some donors may feel that donating their eggs or sperm could lead to too many children in the world.

Despite the challenges, Rohnda and Jamal decided to move forward and chose a healthy donor, regardless of race. However, for other prospective parents, flying in donors from other regions or countries can be an option, though it can come with a high cost.

It’s important to note that obstacles to egg donation can vary by race and region, and it’s crucial for prospective parents to work with a reputable fertility clinic and seek support from professionals to navigate the emotional and legal aspects of using donor eggs.

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