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Egg Donor Compensation

Egg Donor Compensation

Egg donor compensation is an influential factor when deciding to become an egg donor to help grow one’s family. Here, at the leading egg donor collective PureOvum, in sunny Southern California, we adhere to the industry standards for egg donation. Meaning, egg donor compensation is determined by the time and expense associated with participation in an egg donor cycle.

Our competitive egg donor compensation is centered on taking care of our donors. By offering competitive compensation, PureOvum can provide egg donors vast opportunities to advance in life — pursue their dreams and new endeavors — whether its education, travel, funding their own business, or even buying a home. Take notice! We have created a culture in which our egg donors can thrive.

How Much Do Egg Donors Get Paid

Estimated reimbursement for our egg donors ranges from $5,000 to a maximum of $10,000 (which is set by the donor).

Trusting the PureOvum core process — we believe in the significance of rewarding selfless women like you — for your generous efforts when you become an egg donor.

What Factors are Considered for Egg Donor Compensation?

PureOvum is the most dynamic, next-generation, egg collective in the industry. Factors that affect egg donor compensation include donor demand and experience with previous donations. Ancestry and personal achievements also can impact egg donor compensation.

Egg Donor Compensation Timeline

Egg donor payments are typically broken down into two payouts.

  • At the start of injectable medications
  • After the completion of the egg retrieval procedure

How many times can I donate my eggs?

Donors can donate eggs a maximum of 6 egg donation cycles total, according to the Association of Reproductive Medicine standards.

Our fertility physicians will review your medical records and make a recommendation as to whether you can complete additional egg donation cycles.

What expenses are covered by intended parents?

All costs associated with donating eggs, including insurance, screening, travel, and accommodations, are covered.

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What expenses are covered by intended parents?

All costs associated with donating eggs, including insurance, screening, travel, and accommodations, are covered.

egg donor medical and psychological screening

Medical and Psychological Expenses

All egg donor medical and psychological screening costs, medications, and medical expenses related to the egg donation cycle are paid by the intended parents.


Legal Fees

Egg donors are provided an independent attorney for their legal contract with their intended parents. Egg donors will complete a legal consultation prior to signing their contracts, so they have a full understanding of the legal process as it relates to their egg donation cycle.

egg donor insurance

Egg Donor Insurance

Egg donors are provided with an egg donation cycle insurance policy. This insurance policy will be used to cover medical expenses for any complication that could potentially arise as a result of the egg donation process.

Travel Requirements For Becoming an Egg Donor

Travel Expenses

Egg donors who are not local to California are required to fly to San Diego. All travel expenses, including that of a travel companion, are covered.

egg donor meal allowance


Egg donors who travel more than 200 miles round trip are entitled to a $75 a day per diem to cover meals while traveling for the egg donation cycle.

Egg donor hotel and accommodations


Hotel accommodations are covered while attending medical appointments/or procedures.

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