How Many Times Can I Donate My Eggs? | PureOvum Egg Collective
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How Many Times Can I Donate My Eggs?

How Many Times Can I Donate My Eggs

How Many Times Can I Donate My Eggs?

One of the most generous and selfless acts of a woman is donating her eggs — and we are often asked, “how many times can I donate my eggs?”

PureOvum allows women to donate eggs up to six times in their lifetime, which is a guideline established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Please note that these guidelines are recommendations and not required. More and more clinics welcome the idea of additional egg donation procedures and work on a case-by-case basis.

To ensure the safety of the egg donor, PureOvum refrains from exposing the donor to excessive hormone treatments. Our expert San Diego fertility team places great emphasis on tailored fertility medications bespoke to each of our egg donors, monitoring during stimulation phase and high standards of care and follow-up to prevent issues after egg retrieval.

Our Priority is the Well-being of Our Donors

The industry limitation is also set to 6 cycles per egg donor in a lifetime, not per clinic. Once the donor has completed six cycles, the egg donor is not eligible to donate at another facility or for another recipient.

These limitations set forth by the ASRM include an arbitrary limit of no more than 25 pregnancies per (sperm or egg) donor in a population of 800,000 in order to minimize the risks of consanguinity.