Egg Donor Q&A | PureOvum Egg Donor Collective
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Egg Donor Q&A

What happens after I apply to become an egg donor?

Once you apply to become an egg donor at PureOvum, an admissions specialist will review your application based on our initial requirements. We will then determine if you qualify for a phone consultation, in which we will discuss how the egg donation process works and answer any questions you may have. After the consultation, we will work together to complete the required medical testing and documents to finish the approval process. Medical testing ensures your body will produce an ideal number of good quality eggs. The next step would be to create a dynamic profile for the intended parents to view.

What are the benefits of working with PureOvum?

We are a next-generation egg donor collective agency with the highest egg donor compensation. You are the center of our program — including your comfort and security. PureOvum is redefining the donor experience to give egg donors a modern, impeccably designed program that accentuates relaxation, esteem and a minimalist approach to the whole experience of egg donation. We can’t thank you enough for wanting to become an egg donor.

Am I able to work with multiple egg donor agencies?

We prefer that you work exclusively with PureOvum — so that your availability is accurately reflected in our egg donor database. However, we entirely understand that intended parents all over the globe are in need of selfless, beautiful women just like you.

What is involved medically to be an egg donor?

During your consultation, we will thoroughly discuss the medical process involved when becoming an egg donor. It is important for our future egg donors to completely understand the medical process and risks — as it is one of the most important factors in choosing to become a egg donor.

Do I have to travel to donate my eggs?

If you are not local to Southern California, travel is required to become an egg donor in the PureOvum donor egg program.

How much are egg donors compensated?

Egg donors receive financial compensation for donating their eggs — and the compensation is set by the egg donor. We adhere to industry standards for egg donation, meaning egg donor compensation is determined by the time and expense associated with participation in an egg donor cycle. To learn more about egg donor compensation, connect with us.

How many times can I be an egg donor?

Donors can donate eggs every 3 months after completing an egg donation cycle. With a lifetime maximum of 6 egg donation cycles.

Do I have to be abstinent during the entire egg donation process?

Due to your heightened fertility potential due to medication and the possibility of potential pregnancy, it is required that you refrain from sexual intercourse until after your period returns after the egg retrieval. This is typically two weeks post retrieval.

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