Becoming a Father through Egg Donation | PureOvum Collective
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Becoming a Father through Egg Donation

Single man ironing clothes thinking about building a family through egg donation

Becoming a Father through Egg Donation

Let’s talk about single men. Single successful businessman or athletes who haven’t had the time to have a baby or perhaps the right partner, single and divorced men without children, single military men without children who have been deployed for months or year at a time — or any single man who wants to start a family. Yes, let’s talk about finally becoming a dad with the help of PureOvum.

Donor eggs allow single men to build a family through egg donation and surrogacy. Becoming a father through egg donation and surrogacy — involves an egg donor, sperm, a gestational surrogate to carry the child, and IVF to make fertilization of the egg and transfer of the embryo possible.

PureOvum was created because the industry is missing an agency like us. Collectively, our female-focused team bridges the gap between perception and reality. Anticipatory to the highest degree, our program is personalized, innovative, and there is a genuine culture behind all that we do. The next-generation egg collective allows single men to navigate their way to parenthood.

With more than 30 years of collective experience by our Southern California’s top fertility specialists — and diverse, ready-to-cycle egg donors accessible to intended parents, PureOvum, is on track to become the most pursued program in the world by single intended parents.

IVF with an Egg Donor and a Gestational Carrier

Single men who desire to become a parent can use a gestational carrier (GC) or a traditional surrogate (not recommended) to carry a pregnancy to term. Men who choose to use a gestational carrier must also select an egg donor. The intended father’s sperm is used to fertilize the donated eggs and create embryos. An embryo is then transferred into the gestational carrier and she will deliver the baby.

The resulting child has the genes from the father and the egg donor but not from the gestational carrier. An intended father can also choose to use a donated embryo to be transferred into a gestational carrier.

Costs of Becoming a Single Parent with IVF

Heavy on the minds of intended parents is the cost of egg donation. The cost of becoming a dad with donor eggs and a surrogate include the surrogate’s fee, the cost of fertility medications and IVF treatment for the surrogate, the donor’s compensation, and fertility drugs and treatment for the donor.

Southern California’s top egg donor collective has unveiled a valuable, cost-effective program that will leave a large imprint on the world. Experience family building in a whole new way through the expertise of our PureOvum team — whose passion for family has been cultivated throughout our program.

The road to single fatherhood can require significant financial, emotional, and time investment. We support our patients on this journey and offer egg donor and gestational carrier packages to streamline some of these costs to be more affordable.