5 Common Questions Egg Donors Ask Before Applying | PureOvum
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5 Common Questions Egg Donors Ask Before Applying

Young egg donors looking at PureOvum website on laptop

5 Common Questions Egg Donors Ask Before Applying

Becoming an egg donor is an admirable way of breathing life into someone else’s dreams of becoming a parent. PureOvum in Southern California is redefining the donor experience with its modern, cultured program.

The next-gen egg collective gives donors the tools needed to navigate the path to becoming an egg donor — and helps women make an informed decision about donating eggs.

The supportive and gentle PureOvum team, alongside nationally recognized IVF specialists, have meticulously curated the top egg collective program — and are committed to making your experience positive and rewarding.

Common Questions Asked by Egg Donors Before the Application Process

How Many Times Do I Need to Visit Southern California for the Donation?

Local donors will need to commit to two weeks in San Diego for the cycle. If you are an out of town donor, you may be able to complete the first week of the cycle at a local monitoring clinic and travel to San Diego for the last 7-10 days of the cycle. Exact travel protocol will be set by you and your doctor.

What are the Requirements to Become a PureOvum Egg Donor?

The following requirements should be considered when applying to become a compensated egg donor at PureOvum egg collective.

Health Requirements

  • Age between 20-30
  • Healthy body weight, with normal BMI
  • Physically and emotionally healthy
  • Have both ovaries
  • Non-smoker and abstains from illegal drug use
  • Higher education preferred (High School diploma or GED required)
  • Aware of family’s physical and mental health history
  • Willing to commit to the process for the next six months
  • Flexible schedule for appointments and travel as needed
  • Willingness to complete medical and psychological screening
  • Willingness to use injectable medications

Lifestyle Requirements

  • Does not use tobacco
  • No history of substance abuse

Family History Requirements

  • Provide current family history and health status
  • No history of multi-generational familial diagnoses such as inheritable cancer, heart disease before age 55, various genetic disorders, etc.

What Medications are Required for the Donation Cycle?

To prepare for the egg retrieval, donors will undergo a series of ovulation stimulating injections. “GnRH agonist” or Antagonist is utilized in conjunction with injections to subdue ovarian function. A Lupron injection is used to trigger ovulation and supports the maturation process of the eggs before the egg retrieval. A team member will teach you the injection technique used to self-administer the stimulation medications. Egg donors can also find an instructional video that provides a step-by-step review of injections.

If Travel is Required, Am I Able to Bring a Companion?

If you are not local to Southern California, travel is required to become an egg donor in the PureOvum donor egg program. We take care of your trip to Southern California, hotel accommodations, and other expenses — along with a companion.

How Do I Apply to Become a PureOvum Egg Donor?

You’ll complete an online application to be reviewed by our PureOvum coordinators. Once your application is approved, you’ll be contacted and asked to join Southern California’s most prominent egg donor program to complete the entire admissions process.

We are a next-generation egg collective with the highest egg donor compensation. Egg donors are the center of our program. PureOvum is a modern, impeccably designed program that accentuates relaxation, esteem, and a minimalist approach to the whole experience of egg donation.