Can I Apply to Donate Eggs with an Essure Implant? | PureOvum
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Can I Apply to Donate Eggs with an Essure Implant?

Egg donor with Essure implant filling out questionnaire

Can I Apply to Donate Eggs with an Essure Implant?

Are you interested in becoming an egg donor at the next-gen PureOvum collective, but you are not sure if you qualify because of an Essure implant?

While it is important to understand the Essure implant is a permanent form of birth control, you are still able to apply to donate eggs at PureOvum with the device in place.

What is Essure®?

Essure is for women who desire permanent birth control (female sterilization) by bilateral occlusion of the fallopian tubes. The Essure procedure entailed placing soft, flexible inserts into the fallopian tubes. Over a phase of approximately three months, tissue begins to form around the inserts. The build-up of tissue produces a barrier that keeps sperm from reaching the eggs and prevents conception.

Since December 31, 2018, Bayer ceased selling and distributing the Essure device in the United States. And as of December 31, 2019, all idle Essure units should have been returned to Bayer.

The FDA further reported that women who have been using Essure effectively to prevent pregnancy can and should continue to do so, however the permanent birth control device is no longer accessible for implantation.

Can I Donate Eggs with an Essure® Implant?

Yes, you can still apply to donate eggs if you have the Essure implant because not only does your body still produce mature, fertile eggs — but you also ovulate every month. It is important to note that the Essure implant is a non-hormonal method of birth control — and it won’t interfere with the hormone medications necessary to take as an egg donor.

Most importantly, women should not shy away from applying to become an egg donor because the Essure implants are placed in the fallopian tubes, while the egg retrieval extracts eggs from the ovaries.

Whether or not you are accepted into the program will depend on your reproduction function and health requirements to determine your eligibility as an egg donor. (See The Top 5 Egg Donor Disqualifications)

Become Egg Donor with PureOvum

The Essure implant will not exclude you from donating eggs. Many women across the US have donated after getting the Essure implant.

Check out the PureOvum egg donor requirements to see what else is required to become an egg donor. It is a selfless and honorable act to give the gift of life to an individual or couple who wants to build a family. Join the many other women who are leading stars in our egg collective story. It is our donors’ dedication that drives the success of our donor egg program, including our Midwest egg donor program and International egg donor program. We can’t wait to hear from you.