Egg Donation: Learning More About the Egg Donor Process | PureOvum Collective
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Egg Donation: Learning More About the Egg Donor Process

Egg Donation: Learning More About the Egg Donor Process

Egg donation is common in assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Egg donation is when a woman (egg donor) gives her eggs to another woman (egg recipient) to allow the recipient to have a baby.

According to Dr. Kshitiz Murdia, CEO and co-founder of Indira IVF, egg donation involves a series of procedures starting from pre-selection, followed by ovarian stimulation and post-pickup.

“In the pre-selection stage, an ultrasonography scan is done to check the ovary and other health parameters. In order to check various wellness parameters, pathological tests are done. Electrocardiogram (ECG), X-ray and other procedures may also be performed, following medical examination,” he stated.

“In case abnormalities like fibroid are detected, they are addressed before beginning the IVF procedure. To prepare the receiver, hormonal medication including estrogen tablets are given. Depending on the procedure, this preparation may take 2 to 6 weeks. The male partner’s sperm sample is fertilized with the donor’s eggs. The embryos are then transplanted to the recipient’s uterus when all conditions are favorable.”

Egg Donor Information

The personal health of the donor should be a key priority during the egg donation process, just as it is for a pregnant woman and her child.

“Staying hydrated is essential. They can drink a serving of electrolyte water each day. Electrolytes, which are minerals with an electric charge, help keep the body’s blood chemistry, muscle function, and other functions in check. One of the best ways to ensure a strong ovarian environment is by eating fruits, leafy greens, chicken, legumes, nuts, and whole grains — all healthy diet options,” Dr. Kshitiz Murdia explains, further adding that a prenatal supplement with all essential vitamins, calcium, iron, and folate can be recommended, along with mild exercises like walking to help the body prepare better for the procedure. One should avoid excessive activity and heavy lifting, and take the necessary amount of rest.”

Leading Egg Donor Collective

Becoming an egg donor is an admirable way of breathing life into someone else’s dreams of becoming a parent. Many infertile couples and individuals need donor eggs to build a family.

It is imperative that each woman that wants to become an egg donor at PureOvum to learn more about the process and how it affects one’s life now and — future fertility. At PureOvum, specialists thoroughly educate donors on each step of the egg donation process and prepare you on what to expect — and more importantly what you might not have expected.

More and more women are looking to join the PureOvum team and nationally recognized IVF specialists who, together, have meticulously curated Southern California’s top egg collective program — and are committed to making your experience positive and rewarding.