Egg Donors Finding Empowerment in Helping Intended Parents | PureOvum
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Egg Donors Finding Empowerment in Helping Intended Parents

Group of women showing empowerment

Egg Donors Finding Empowerment in Helping Intended Parents

Have you heard of PureOvum — a leading egg donor programs in Southern California? The program gives you the tools you need to navigate your way to becoming an egg donor — and helps bridge the gap between what you already know and what you need to know to make an informed decision about donating your eggs.

It’s certainly not your ordinary egg donor collective. PureOvum is redefining the donor experience to give egg donors a modern, cultured program that accentuates empowerment, highlights travel ‘doisure’ (mixing donation and pleasure) — and offers a modest approach to the whole experience of egg donation.

Donor egg in vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process, where eggs are gifted from a donor. After donor eggs being fertilized in the lab with sperm, the resultant embryo is subsequently inserted in the recipient woman’s womb.

Finding Empowerment thru Donating Your Eggs

We can’t think of anything more powerful than a woman who can help another family reach their dreams of parenthood. At PureOvum, the egg donor will undergo comprehensive testing to ensure she qualifies to be a donor — but also educate a woman about her fertility. She will learn about her health, fertility — and throughout the journey — what she is capable of.

This is true empowerment for an egg donor from a personal sense. Not only is she giving the gift of life to a deserving individual or couple, but she will also go home knowing that she is healthy, fertile, and able to change lives.

We take care of our egg donors in a way that other programs can’t because they over accept donors at an unremittingly high rate. Unlike other programs, our donor egg program in Southern California offers donors — a customized, secure journey that will make you feel comfortable and empowered every step of the way.

What are the Requirements to Become an Egg Donor?

Our selection process is strict and extensive — as we typically only accept 3 percent of applicants. The PureOvum egg donor program makes health and mental well-being a central focus when accepting women who are competent and ready for the egg donation process.

The following requirements should be considered when applying to become a compensated egg donor.

Health Requirements

  • Ages between 20-30
  • Healthy body weight, with normal BMI
  • Physically and emotionally healthy
  • Have both ovaries
  • Non-smoker and abstains from illegal drug use
  • Higher education preferred (High School diploma or GED required)
  • Knowledgeable of family’s physical and mental health history
  • Willing to commit to the process for the next 6 months
  • Flexible schedule for appointments and traveling as needed
  • Willingness to complete medical and psychological screening
  • Willingness to use injectable medications

Lifestyle Requirements

  • Does not use tobacco
  • No history of substance abuse

Family History Requirements

  • Provide current family history and health status
  • No history of multi-generational familial diagnoses such as inheritable cancer, heart disease before age 55, various genetic disorders, etc.

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