How Do I Create a Dynamic Profile | PureOvum Egg Donor Collective
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How Do I Create a Dynamic Profile

Egg donor process 2

How Do I Create a Dynamic Profile

With so many millennial women working with egg donor agencies across the United States, how do you create a dynamic egg donor profile that will enable you the perfect match?

Keep in mind, this isn’t a competition and you aren’t trying to gain likes or followers on social media or attract just anyone. Our goal is simply to match you with intended parents who’s right for you — just as much right for them on this egg donation journey.

Create a Vibrant, Dynamic Egg Donor Profile

Choosing the Best Photos. Let’s be honest! It’s important to select the right collection of photos. We encourage you to provide high-quality photos for your online profile. Choose photos that not only accentuate your beauty but also photos that reveal your interests and most attractive personality traits. Include a professional head-shot if you have one. These images will certainly play a key role in the intended parents’ first impressions of you. Your photos are an important element of your profile presence. Enlisting the help of a friend or loved one will give you a fresh perspective if needed. Please note, if you send in photos that are associated with your social medical accounts, it is possible that your identity could be revealed.

Writing Brilliant Essay Answers. Equally important is spending a significant amount of time on the essay-question portion of your profile. Brainstorm your responses and write them down before you give a final answer. Your answers should reflect your opinions and experiences, highlight your successes, and help intended parents understand your character. Each answer should tap into a different aspect of who you are as a person. Double-check your answers for grammar and mistakes.

Thoroughly Understand and Reveal Medical History. It’s important to thoroughly understand and reveal information on your personal medical history, your immediate family, and even extended family’s medical history. Talk with trusted family members to learn more about your family medical history.

Creating a dynamic egg donor profile may seem like a daunting task, but the truth is it’s easier than you think.