How Do I Get Matched | PureOvum Egg Donor Collective
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How Do I Get Matched

How Do I Get Matched

How do I get matched with intended parents who need donor eggs? It’s the most commonly asked question by egg donors.

There are a whole lot of moving parts when it comes to creating a dynamic profile and matching with intended parents. It takes a special person to consider donating your eggs and we work very hard to ensure that your experience is positive.

Let’s take a look at the step by step process from the beginning:

  1. Complete initial online application
  2. Complete a secondary application
  3. Phone call with Intake Coordinator
  4. Complete initial fertility testing and genetic carrier screening
  5. IF accepted, donor profile goes live on database
  6. Get selected by IPs
  7. Medical clearance by IVF Clinic

The in-between, not so much fun part of the process … is reviewing and signing documents — providing ID verification, test score verification, and answering essay questions.

While the real impact of a donor is revealing the person that is behind the curtain — for many egg donors there is excitement that comes with selecting photos to be displayed on the database.

Matching with Intended Parents

It’s exciting to think you are just a few steps away from helping another individual or couple realize a dream — their life-altering dream of parenthood.

How do I get matched? Matching with intended parents begins the second your profile is uploaded to our online database. Intended parents start the search by using the online egg donor database.

PureOvum features the most comprehensive egg donor database in California. Intended parents have the option to favorite profiles as they filter through the database. Once intended parents choose an egg donor, a case manager will reach out to the intended parents to verify selection. The egg donor is then removed from the database for 48 hours hold while match is confirmed.