How Many Eggs Do I Have to Donate? | PureOvum
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How Many Eggs Do I Have to Donate?

How Many Eggs Do I Have to Donate?

Becoming an egg donor can be exhilarating and gratifying. Helping a family in need to achieve their dream of parenthood is a tremendously rewarding experience, not just for the intended parents, but for the egg donor as well.

Women who are thinking about becoming an egg donor often wonder how many eggs must be donated to become an egg donor.

Egg production depends on the individual and how they respond to the medication. The number of eggs produced by a donor averages 10-15 eggs aspirated per cycle, however donors can produce 16 or more eggs.

How Often Can I Donate?

PureOvum egg collective in Southern California allows women to donate eggs up to six times in their lifetime, which is a guideline established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

While the American Society of Reproductive Medicine has found no reason to believe that egg donation can have negative long-term effects, our goal is to protect donors like you from potential health risks.

Become an Egg Donor at PureOvum

Becoming an egg donor is an admirable way of breathing life into someone else’s dreams of becoming a parent. Not only for the egg donor compensation, egg donors gain genuine and life-altering satisfaction from helping individuals fulfill their dreams of becoming a mother or father.

We thoroughly educate donors on each step of the egg donation process and prepare you on what to expect — and more importantly what you might not have expected.

When you become an egg donor for PureOvum, there is a caring and experienced team on your side. You are fully embraced by PureOvum and nationally recognized IVF specialists who, together, have meticulously curated Southern California’s top egg collective program — and are committed to making your experience positive and rewarding.

As you consider making the courageous and generous decision to donate your eggs, we are committed to providing you with the information and care you need. Apply today to become an egg donor at PureOvum.