Mental Health Support is Vital for Egg Donors | PureOvum
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Mental Health Support is Vital for Egg Donors

Potential egg donor with counselor for psychological evaluation

Mental Health Support is Vital for Egg Donors

At the leading egg donor program in Southern California, we outline an egg donor’s emotional wellbeing to be just as important as physical health. To support our egg donors on the journey, PureOvum provides an initial counseling session with a mental health professional — and ongoing support to donors and intended parents throughout the decision-making process and the IVF donor cycle.

When you become an egg donor for PureOvum, there is a supportive and experienced team looking out for you. You are fully embraced by an experienced PureOvum team and nationally recognized IVF specialists who, together, have meticulously curated Southern California’s top egg collective program — and are committed to helping make your experience upbeat and gratifying.

You are the center of our program — including your comfort and mental well-being. PureOvum is redefining the donor experience to give egg donors a modern, impeccably designed program that accentuates leisure, respect, and a minimalist approach to the whole experience of egg donation.

Egg Donor Psychological Evaluation

Each prospective egg donor at PureOvum is required to partake in a thorough counseling session conducted by a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist.

The point of the psychological evaluation is to assess a potential egg donor to ensure that she is emotionally and psychologically able to fulfill the requirements of egg donation. The evaluation examines an egg donor’s mental health status, family history, personal background, life circumstances — and support system.

The overall goal is to help each potential egg donor determine if involvement in such a profound and life-changing experience is right for her.

Egg Donor Mental Health

According to ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine), the goal of counseling is not to convince an egg donor that the journey ahead is the right fit, but rather to help the egg donor adjust to the program’s demands and allow the egg donor to decide on her own free will, whether donating eggs is the right path.

ASRM suggests that a woman should not donate eggs if she:

  • Has a severe psychological disorder
  • Abuses drugs or alcohol
  • Uses psychoactive medications
  • Under serious stress
  • In an unstable marriage or relationship
  • Has been physically or sexually abused and not received professional treatment
  • Is not mentally capable of participating in the demanding process

To become an egg donor at the leading egg donor program, PureOvum — a collective with heart, start here.