Midwest Egg Donor Program | PureOvum Egg Donor Collective
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Midwest Egg Donor Program

Midwest Egg Donor program

Midwest Egg Donor Program

Operating in Southern California, egg donor collective PureOvum has a designed a prominent program for women residing in the sprawling, fertile, friendly Midwest regions — who want to provide the generous gift of donor eggs.

Many egg donor agencies across the United States only allow qualified women to donate if they live near their agency locations. With the PureOvum egg donor program, women across the globe can apply to become an egg donor.

Many picture the Midwest as a boring, uneventful, and uncultured — with frigid winters. But we think, the Midwest rocks — and perhaps that’s why we have an overwhelming demand for egg donors from the heartland.

Benefits of Traveling to Southern California

Southern California; need we say more. Any photo or video of Southern California inevitably features waves of the blue Pacific lapping up against the beautiful beaches. It’s unavoidable to sound like we are trying to sell you the California dream, but it truly is a place to see. Our flagship location in San Diego, California gives you an enticing break from the Midwest with a companion and an opportunity to relish in laid back sunny San Diego — the embodiment of Southern California.

Covered Travel Expenses for You and a Companion. Yes, you A-N-D a companion. Your dedicated PureOvum case manager will work with you to coordinate flights and hotel. We’ll cover expenses for you and your companion’s airfare, hotel, and travel to and from the airport, as well as a daily stipend to spend on meals.

Minimize Stress. One thing we never want our egg donors to experience is unanticipated stress. One thing we’ve witnessed across the board is that other agencies tend to advertise FUN, EXCITING, GIVE THE GIFT OF LIFE … but please remember there is also an added level of stress involved with any egg donor program. Our professionals will do everything in their power to minimize stress and help erase any uncertainties with learning and knowledge.

Generous Monetary Reward: You set the price of your egg donor compensation! We understand you’re making a huge, tremendous commitment by becoming a donor at PureOvum. We consider time, one of humanity’s most precious resources. Not only are you sacrificing your valuable time, but you’re also giving the gift of life to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attain parenthood without your donor eggs. Your act of generosity is enriching to the lives of recipients.

Apply now if you’re ready to get started!