Preparing Your Body for Donating Eggs | PureOvum
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Preparing Your Body for Donating Eggs

Woman stretching and preparing body for donating eggs

Preparing Your Body for Donating Eggs

Once you, the egg donor, is matched with the intended parents at the PureOvum egg collective, you will undergo different screenings before starting birth control pills to synchronize your cycle to the recipients.

As the egg donation process continues, you will attend medical appointments, including the egg retrieval procedure, which will mark the end of your egg donation cycle in California.

What happens before this takes place? How do you prepare your body for the egg retrieval?

Preparing Your Body to Donate Eggs

  • It is essential that you stop using or do not use tobacco products.
  • Stay on track to maintain a healthy diet. Proper nutrition is a vital part of being an egg donor. Optimal health means being the most prepared to have a prosperous egg donor cycle for the intended family.
  • Stick to a regular fitness plan. Egg donors need to be physically fit. Try to maintain some form of intense exercise for at least thirty minutes, three to four times a week.
  • Prepare yourself mentally. Being an egg donor can be emotionally exhausting and requires dedication and commitment.
  • Be flexible. The entire donor process can take between two and three months. During this time, you will need to be able to attend appointments, as well as go through the egg retrieval process.

What Happens Leading Up to the Donor Egg Process?

  • During a normal menstrual cycle, the ovaries produce and release a single egg. The egg donation process bypasses this mechanism and allows for the development of multiple eggs.
  • To allow multiple eggs to develop, daily injections of fertility drugs are necessary. Our nurses will instruct you on how to self-administer these medications.
  • Our doctors carefully monitor egg development with blood tests and ultrasound examinations of the ovaries.

Become an Egg Donor at PureOvum

Our program takes an eyes comprehensive approach for egg donors who become a part of our elite program in Southern California. What does this mean? This is not your ordinary egg donor agency.

PureOvum is redefining the donor experience to give egg donors a modern, cultured program that accentuates empowerment, highlights travel ‘bleisure’ (mixing business and pleasure), cultivates inspiration — and offers a minimalist approach to the whole experience of egg donation. Apply to become an egg donor today.