Travel Requirements for Becoming an Egg Donor | PureOvum
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Travel Requirements for Becoming an Egg Donor

Travel Requirements For Becoming an Egg Donor

Travel Requirements for Becoming an Egg Donor

We receive many questions from prospective egg donors regarding the travel requirements for becoming an egg donor. PureOvum egg donors are required to travel to Southern California for two separate visits.

  • First visit to San Diego (solo): meet with staff, secondary medical screening
  • Second visit to San Diego (with a companion): egg retrieval; the duration of your visit can vary as some donors might have a different protocol due to the body’s response to medications.

We will arrange your flights and accommodation. During your time in California, you will be met with immediate support so you will not have any unnecessary anxiety to deal with.

Egg Donor Travel

PureOvum egg donor collective pays for your travel, including flights, hotel, ground transportation, and a daily stipend for you (and a companion on the second visit).

The PureOvum travel requirements for becoming an egg donor are strictly followed. We require you and your companion to stay in San Diego to further monitor your body closely after the egg retrieval.

This also allows our fertility specialists to choose the most optimal day possible for your retrieval — giving our intended parents the highest chance of pregnancy success.