What You Might Not Have Expected | PureOvum Egg Donor Collective
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What You Might Not Have Expected

What You Might Not Have Expected

What you might not have expected about becoming an egg donor is sometimes overlooked because we tend to focus more on the selfless, exciting achievement it is in your life.

Needless to say, our egg donors tell us — becoming an egg donor changes your life.  The reasons for becoming an egg donor is as unique as each woman who considers it and the PureOvum egg collective team truly can’t thank you enough for considering it.

While helping others build a family and realize their dreams of parenthood is a permanent actuality, there are other realities that may intimidate you from becoming an egg donor. There are the unexpected scary equivalences that go along with the unknowns of becoming an egg donor.

Valuable Insight Into What You Might Not Have Expected

What can we say about self-administered injections? The process is not fun, and that is just the truth. Each injection can leave small bruises, which is not a pleasant feeling for anyone. Please note, however, these are subcutaneous injections, so they don’t enter the muscle region. Sometimes there is bloating and cramping… and sometimes it may seem like you can feel every egg inside your ovaries — and with this comes discomfort.

Do I pay taxes for donating my eggs? Yes, the egg donor compensation that you’ll receive as an egg donor is taxable. You should prepare ahead of time as it is classified as ‘Miscellaneous’ income on par with lottery winnings and hobby income. It is taxed at the highest amount possible. The egg donor will receive Misc-1099 in the mail.

Should I refrain from having sex with my partner during the egg donation process? Yes, it is a fact and in hindsight, it makes perfect sense. You’re taking all sorts of medications to make you as fertile as possible, but your goal is to not become pregnant. That means that your sex life should take a backseat to the process for a brief period.

What are the risks of egg donation? Quite commonly, you will read on the internet that there is a small percentage of health risks — but the reality — and the truth is, there are significant health risks and side effects associated with donating eggs. Some risks are more inconvenient than life-threatening. That being said, headaches, cramping, feeling bloated, experiencing hot flashes, bleeding or having mood swings are certainly not enjoyable. Surgery to remove the eggs can sometimes lead to complications, including cramping, bleeding, and infection.

One of the biggest risks comes from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or OHSS. Fertility drugs cause your ovaries to become swollen and heavy with fluid. This can cause serious problems. In rare cases, OHSS can become fertility-threatening (you could lose an ovary) or even life-threatening.

While these are only a few of the unknowns, we urge you to connect with the PureOvum team to learn more about the immutable realities that are rarely included in egg donor conversations.

Our goal is to help potential egg donors to look at the risks involved very carefully — and pay closer attention to what it involves, what you might not have expected, and — not just what you are being offered to do it.