Will Donating My Eggs Impact Future Fertility? | PureOvum
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Will Donating My Eggs Impact Future Fertility?

Will Donating My Eggs Impact Future Fertility

Will Donating My Eggs Impact Future Fertility?

Will donating my eggs impact future fertility? If you are curious to know, you are not alone. Many egg donors are curious if they can still have kids after egg donation or if egg donation negatively impacts their future fertility.

Our expert fertility specialists in San Diego confirm that donating your eggs does not decrease your chances of getting pregnant in the future.

Donating Eggs Gives the Gift of Life

When egg donors give the gift of life to another individual or couple, they may start imagining the day when they too will create their own family. It is common for these women to sometimes worry that being so generous now could affect their own ability to have kids later. It’s quite simple, it won’t.

When you ovulate naturally, your body releases one egg. When you donate eggs, your body might mature 10 to 20 eggs per cycle. No more eggs are removed than what your body naturally releases.