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Will I Have Contact Afterwards

will we have contact?

Will I Have Contact Afterwards

“Will I have contact afterwards?”, is a common question that many egg donors are curious to know the answer.

We understand donating your eggs is not an easy experience. It’s a stressful situation that takes a physical and emotional toll. While the positives, however, far outweigh the negatives — it’s important to understand these complex questions:

  • Will I have contact afterwards?
  • What are my legal rights to the eggs retrieved?
  • Is my donation considered anonymous?

Every now and then we have intended parents who would like the option of meeting their egg donor or would like their egg donor to be open to meeting potential offspring once they reach the age of 18.

What It Truly Means to Be An Egg Donor

It is significant that every egg donor is fully informed and comfortable with what it truly means to be an egg donor. More importantly, it’s crucial for our egg donors to be entirely comfortable with the terms of the agreement.

Obtaining someone’s identity is becoming more and more accessible due to DNA-testing companies and social media. Donor-conceived children have been increasingly finding their biological parents through ancestry websites.

And, there are many reasons as to why:

      • Donor-conceived children are often curious about their genetic origins.
      • Parents sometimes long to connect in some way with the person who helped them have a family.
      • Donors sometimes wonder about the family they helped to create.

With this being said, egg donors must be aware with the realms of technology constantly transforming, anonymous egg donation has become archaic.