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Becoming a Parent from Egg Donation

parents from egg donation

Becoming a Parent from Egg Donation

If you’re considering egg donation or have decided it is the right choice for your family, you may be questioning what it’s like to be the egg recipient — more specifically — becoming a parent via egg donation.

Whether you are an LGBTQ+ individual or couple using donor eggs to pursue parenthood or someone experiencing infertility due to chromosomal abnormalities, premature ovarian failure, or perhaps poor egg quality, intended parents can reach parenthood by undergoing IVF using donor eggs.

Not everyone processes their feelings in the same way. We have heard so many opinions on what it’s like becoming a parent from egg donation — from curiosity to the negativity and questions. And what we have found is that there is still a stigma around using an egg donor to help create one’s family.

Infertility Leaves a Feeling of Emptiness

Intended parents often dream, imagine — talk about starting a family and how many children they hope to have. Some say one, some say three, and others think big, often desiring an entire football team of kids.

Boy or girl, you just can’t wait for the big day. Never do you predict that conceiving one child would be such a challenge. During all those conversations discussed having children, the fact that it might not be possible never even crossed your mind.

Infertility and trouble conceiving leaves a feeling of emptiness. True disappointment and a mounting sign of bitterness. And after the long, emotional and exhausting exploration of fertility testing, you’re left staring IVF in the face.

The questions arise. Will they look like me? Will I love them as much as you hoped you would? Should I tell them that they came from an egg donor? Will anyone ever wonder if they are really my children? What if the egg donor wants to meet them when they are older? Maybe I wasn’t met to have children? Why am I so disappointed in myself, have I failed? Is becoming a parent from egg donation worth it?

All these feelings are normal — and it is healthy to take your time when thinking about using donor eggs. Our goal here at PureOvum egg collective is to provide you with outstanding guidance and encouraging support throughout the IVF with egg donation journey.