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Find Your Egg Donor with PureOvum

Potential egg donors for PureOvum Egg Collective

Find Your Egg Donor with PureOvum

Deciding to undergo IVF with donor eggs is a major step on the journey to parenthood. It’s a fertility journey with many tough choices along the path. How can you find an egg donor that is the best fit for you? And when it comes to choosing an egg donor — how do you know where do you start? Are you ready for the journey ahead? Is there a guide to choosing the best egg donor?

The next-generation egg collective gives intended parents the opportunity to make the journey bright and wonderful. And because we know that true success stories are not mass produced, PureOvum focuses on delivering individualized services and a one-of-a-kind program.

The PureOvum team has broken down three decision-making questions that you can ask yourself at different steps of the egg donor search process.

Finding the Perfect Egg Donor

  1. Are you emotionally ready to take the journey to parenthood with donated eggs?

It may be a simple question to ask, but it’s a challenging question to answer. Using donated eggs to become a parent is not always an easy decision. For many couples, the path to using an egg donor has followed unsuccessful IVF treatment attempts, premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve, or learning of a genetically transmitted disease that could be passed on to your child. All these circumstances can be both physically and emotionally hard to endure. Do you need more time to reflect, or decide if egg donation is right for you? If so, take the necessary time before deciding. If you are ready to go on to the next step — don’t wait — get started with choosing the right egg donor.

  1. Are fresh donor eggs right for you?

Should you try to go through a cycle with fresh donor eggs from a synced cycle with an egg donor? Operating in both California and Wisconsin, PureOvum is the next-generation egg donor agency offering a fresh-cycle egg donor program to intended parents. To us, becoming a parent is not defined by the path you take to get there, it is defined by our combined participation and the experiences collected along the way. PureOvum is one of the few agencies in the United States that medically and genetically pre-screens donors who are ready to cycle and donate.

  1. What are the qualities in an egg donor that are most important to you?

Before you choose an egg donor, there should be some standard requirements that are met. Egg donors should go through a rigorous screening process for physical and mental health, family medical history, genetics and much more. It should go without saying that the most important quality is passing this screening process. Other criteria you should then think about include:

  • Physical appearance: height, hair color, eye color
  • Personal background: education, personality, career
  • Background: ethnic, religious

PureOvum Egg Collective in California

With more than 30 years of collective experience by our Southern California’s top fertility specialists — and diverse, ready-to-cycle egg donors accessible to intended parents, PureOvum, is on track to become the most pursued program in the world.