Giving Hope to Gay Couples Facing Hurdles When Starting a Family | PureOvum Collective
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Giving Hope to Gay Couples Facing Hurdles When Starting a Family

Portrait of happy gay couple spending time together and hugging in the street. Lgbt and love concept.

Giving Hope to Gay Couples Facing Hurdles When Starting a Family

Gay couples are increasingly making the leap to parenthood. It is possible to use fertility procedures like IVF with either one or both partners being male.

Going through fertility treatments faces challenges, but the experience for gay singles and couples has additional components to navigate. Here at PureOvum, our goal is to give hope to gay couples facing hurdles when starting a family.

It is essential to surround yourself with individuals and professionals who support you on your journey to parenthood.

Building a Family through Gay Surrogacy

Operating in California and Wisconsin, we are the next-generation egg donor agency offering a fresh-cycle egg donor program to recipients. To us, becoming a parent is not defined by the path you take to get there. Instead, it is characterized by our collective participation and the experiences collected along the way.

Our approach to reproductive care is to have personal, one-on-one conversations of a supportive and educational nature with every individual who comes to us — about the medical and emotional factors involved in treatment.

For gay male couples, an egg donor will need to be selected for a fresh-cycle donation, or you may use frozen donor eggs that have previously been collected and are cryopreserved in an egg bank. A gestational carrier is necessary to carry the pregnancy.

Donor eggs also allow single men and LGBTQ+ couples to build their families through egg donation and surrogacy.

Support for the LGBTQ Community and Families

Diversity not only defines your identity, it’s the beating heart of our program. We are one of the few egg donor agencies in the United States where anyone can feel welcome — and are.

Regardless of how you address family planning, there are many invaluable resources and organizations whose goal is to assist LGBTQ couples and individuals on the journey to parenthood. Our LGBT-friendly program offers invaluable guidance for potential parents of any sexuality and gender identity as we work to identify all your options and pursue the best fit for growing your LGBT family.