How to Find an Egg Donor | PureOvum Egg Donor Collective
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How to Find an Egg Donor

how to find an egg donor

How to Find an Egg Donor

How to find an egg donor? Where to find an egg donor? Is there a list or free database? Where do I begin?

Finding an egg donor is a wonderful step on your journey to parenthood — a step that will move you down the path to treatment and becoming a parent.

Many egg donor agencies will give you a list on exactly how to find an egg donor, but PureOvum wants you to entirely understand there is no single or correct way to match as every individual or couple has different expectations and goals.

While you certainly have preliminary preferences in choosing an egg donor, PureOvum encourages you to work with our coordinator if you have questions or feel passionately about an inclination.

California and Illinois have become the evolving source for advancements in the field of reproductive medicine — both for local families and an ever-growing abundance of international intended parents who are traveling to Southern California to start a family using egg donation.

PureOvum egg donors are women between the ages of 21 and 30 who have been medically, psychologically, and genetically screened by the intended parents IVF clinic.

Egg donors complete a profile that is available for review in the PureOvum online database. Intended parents can view photos, essay questions and answers, education, health/reproductive history, and family/genetic history.

Choosing the Right Donor to Build My Family

When reviewing egg donor profiles, it’s important to comprehensively evaluate her medical/health history. Choosing the right egg donor will take time and research. Give us a call so we can help you understand the answers to the most commonly asked questions below:

Will we be matched with a donor, or will we select the donor?

What medications will an egg donor have to take?

How much do egg donors make?

What are the risks of egg donation?

Should I be concerned about selecting an egg donor who is a genetic carrier?