International Egg Donor Program | PureOvum Egg Donor Collective
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International Egg Donor Program

International Egg Donor Program

International Egg Donor Program

The international egg donor program is for intended parents traveling from across the globe to experience the excellence offered by our leading egg donor collective, PureOvum.

Our international egg donor program provides ease of access to affordable donated eggs that are not widely available in many parts of the world. As a result of this, we have many international patients who travel to Southern California for our contemporary, next-generation egg donor program.

We welcome intended parents from across the globe, including prospective parents in Canada, England, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Australia, India, Lebanon, Israel, Hong Kong, and Japan.

With San Diego International Airport closeby, it is convenient to travel here. A wide range of accommodations to meet your lodging needs are located only a short driving distance from the PureOvum facilities.

Many intended parents find great comfort and security in our large and diverse donor egg collective program, while others seek our nationally recognized physicians’ expertise in treating women with diminished ovarian reserve.

Our goal is to make your journey through the fertility treatment process as comfortable as possible. We take pride in offering our patients not only the best medical care possible but many other unique support services.

Egg Donation Program for International Clients

For those traveling to the United States for egg donation, we will be with you every step of the way, providing you with expert guidance, individualized care, warmth, and understanding as you navigate the complicated but exciting journey of becoming a parent.

California offers international intended parents numerous advantages:

  • No wait for donors; multi-ethnic donors
  • Highly Regulated Medical Care
  • Strict Egg Donor Screening Process
  • High IVF Success Rates
  • Nationally recognized IVF clinic
  • Favorable Egg Donation Laws
  • Safe and Easy Travel
  • Streamlined treatment process
  • Ease of access; close to airport
  • Cost-effective egg donor program