IVF Success Rates with Egg Donation | PureOvum
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IVF Success Rates with Egg Donation

How successful is egg donation?

IVF Success Rates with Egg Donation

Our expert fertility specialists continue to progress and discover more advanced ways to increase the IVF success rates with egg donation.

As medical science continues to advance, the top IVF specialists in California are at the forefront of assisted reproductive therapies (ART) to help create families. Intended parents who choose PureOvum egg donor collective have access to a high-quality IVF lab, led by top IVF doctors.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 12.1 percent of women ages 15 to 44 have impaired fertility — trouble conceiving or trouble carrying to term. The CDC also reports that 7.3 million women in that age group have used infertility services, including egg donation or sperm, a gestational surrogate or IVF.

FSMG has been a Top Doc fertility & IVF practice for more than five years in a row and an Optum Healthcare Center of Excellence for more than six consecutive years. Southern California’s top fertility clinic reports IVF success rates with egg donation are among the highest in the nation.

Pregnancy success (and your risk of miscarriages) with donor eggs mainly depends on the quality of the eggs that your egg donor produces. To give our intended parents the best possible pregnancy success rates, IVF experts rigorously screen donor applicants based on age, ovarian reserve, and a wide-ranging assortment of medical conditions.

Largest and Most Diverse Group of Carefully Selected Donors

The top egg donor program in Southern California offers the largest and most ethnically, culturally and physically diverse group of carefully selected egg donors, including highly demanded egg donors.

Since we do not perform shared egg donation (multiple recipients split a donor’s eggs), we match you with the donor that will allow you the highest success — without having to share the donor eggs.

Intended parents benefit from PureOvum’s collected experience in helping not only local patients but also international patients as we serve many out-of-state and international patients who require IVF with egg donation.

Women under 35 using their eggs for IVF have nearly a 40 percent chance of having a baby, while women over 42 only 4.5 percent. According to SART, intended parents utilizing donor eggs increases their chance of having a baby to 49.6 percent when fresh donor eggs are used, for women of any childbearing age.