Why is there Greater Demand for Some Egg Donors | PureOvum
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Why is there Greater Demand for Some Egg Donors

Why is there Greater Demand for Some Egg Donors

Why is there Greater Demand for Some Egg Donors

In a world full of so many options, why is there greater demand for some egg donors? And what exactly are future parents looking for when they’re searching for an egg donor?

Over the past 5 years, there has been an increasing demand for egg donors across the United States. The main reason intended parents contact PureOvum is to obtain help in locating an egg donor.

We continually assess the demand with industry research, social media and global surveys to learn more about the desirable traits intended parents are looking for in potential egg donors.

Understanding this data has helped next-generation PureOvum egg donor collective raise the bar on providing intended parents a diverse selection of donors and more specifically — providing them what they desire and demand.

We have found that intended parents are seeking egg donors who:

  • Fit their family’s ethnic background
  • Have the academic ambition they desire
  • Possess the physical characteristics that are important to them
  • Are located in a specific geographic location

One of the most favorable preference for intended parents is choosing a donor by ethnicity or family heritage. At the top of the egg donor demand list are women who are Asian, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Currently, we have recruited a high number of egg donors who hold diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Donor Eggs Not Widely Available in Other Programs

Our international egg donor program and our Midwest egg donor programs provide ease of access to reasonably priced donated eggs that are not widely available in today’s market.

PureOvum has streamlined the egg donation process to help you reach your dreams of parenthood — high success rates, affordable treatment, and minimal travel.

We quickly narrow down your top choices and find you an egg donor who is available, healthy and excited to do an egg donation cycle with you to help you build your family.