Will the Egg Donor Develop Attachment | PureOvum
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Will the Egg Donor Develop Attachment

egg donor attachment

Will the Egg Donor Develop Attachment

Will the egg donor develop attachment? This is undoubtedly one question we hear a lot at PureOvum. Rest assured that, in nearly all cases, the unambiguous answer is NO.

While we understand we can never guarantee how a woman may feel after her donation, we can tell you that not one of our donors has ever stated an attachment or connection. In point, for most egg donors, there is a disconnect that resonates from the egg donation process. Many of our egg donors tell us they do not feel attached to the eggs they will be donating in a parental or overprotective manner.

Never Let Someone Define Your Path to Parenthood

On the flip-side of will the egg donor develop attachment, let’s dive deeper into whether or not the intended parents feels a bond with the child?

Seeking further understanding of the topic, PureOvum recognized individuals certainly think using an egg donor means there can’t be an attachment to the intended mother. Individuals react as if the intended mother failed to achieve the holy grail of fertility treatment by having a child with her eggs and husband’s sperm.

We are here to tell you — never let someone define you as a mother or father. Never let someone’s opinion halter your path to parenthood.

It’s completely normal to worry that your egg donor pregnancy will feel different than a traditional pregnancy. Science progressively demonstrates that unborn babies can feel, perceive and learn in utero. An entire body of evidence shows that deep bonding between mother and unborn child occurs during the nine months of gestation.

While the ‘attachment’ question seems to be a hot debate these days, our answers are straightforward. What is important when becoming a parent through egg donation is how you attach to your child after the child is born. Love is the most important thing a child needs to thrive.